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Learn blogging with these simple tips

Blogging tips these days are quite confusing. Some blogs mention you need to follow this, some say the opposite.

Besides, most of the blogging tips on the internet are there to keep the users engaged with their page or website. Also, blogging these days is not just about penning down your thoughts, there’s a lot more to it.

A strategic approach to creating a blog is also crucial. Thus, you need to understand the basics of blogging and then move to the technical aspects of blogging.

Now you must be wondering “Shahzeb, what’s so special about your blogging tips?”

The answer is that I have written a hoard of blogs. Over these years, I have come across bloggers and writers having diverse writing styles.

Each of them also has their expertise in blogging, writing articles and others. Learning from them and adding my tone to the text has enabled me to design blogs which are informative and educational.

For beginners understanding a blog is important. Thus, let’s dive into the foundations of blogging.

What is a blog, blogging and who are bloggers?

What is a blog?

A blog is a website, a webpage or any form of online platform. A blog is an online library of contents that relates to a certain topic. Blog is the short form of weblog (web-log) and is often used for personal commentary.

Blogs can be both personal as well as professional, the majority of blogs in the current times are digital diaries. Yet, blogs have to be updated to keep the audience aware of the latest and greatest information.

Blogs educate and inform audiences or users who are in search of.

Some interesting facts about blog

  1. As per OptinMonster, WordPress accounts for more than 70 million new posts every month.
  2. An average person spends 52 seconds to read a blog.
  3. Furthermore, each day there are more than 6 million posts made which are especially blogs.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the process through which you create articles, blogs, journals and different pieces of information. Through blogging one pens down their experiences and thoughts.

The posts are generally in chronological order. Yet, there are various blogging themes out there that you can use to personalise your blog for a better experience for you as well as your audience.

Common blogging platforms and tools

Choosing a blogging platform is totally subjective. I may go for a particular blogging platform and the reason for it can be totally different from yours.

Initially, I used to write blogs on Blogger but the features that come with WordPress are enticing to every writer and blogger out there.

I also like Medium just because of the extremely convenient and cozy environment it offers for writers. You just can’t resist how good Medium is.

The following are the major highlighting features of WordPress and Medium

WordPress: Since the advent of digital technologies, there has been a boom in the field of blogging and WordPress is leading the race.

WordPress offers an intuitive platform to bloggers with a set of tools that are a must in a blogger’s arsenal.

Features of WordPress:

  • Beautiful and modern themes.
  • Free and paid plugins.
  • Community support.

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Medium: Medium offers you with a writing and blogging platform which is quite homely at least to me. I have also found that Medium is very responsive as compared to other platforms.

Features of Medium:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Free to use.
  • Upgrade your plan to get paid for writing on Medium.

I believe at least either of the two or both of them will get the job done for you. I personally use both of them.

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Who are bloggers?

By now, you must have already had an idea about who bloggers are and what they do. Yet, for more clarification, the role of a blogger is not bounded by certain characteristics and traits, so anyone can be a blogger.

You can be an artist and still a blogger, you can be a boxer and blogger and even a fisher and still a blogger.

Now you must be saying “Man, that’s very easy.” But, that’s not so simple. Blogging requires contemplation, reflection and mediation.

Bloggers go through a chain of thoughts to design what experiences can be useful for their audience. Remember it’s not about writing in the air.

Responsibilities of a blogger

  1. Rigorous researching,
  2. Ideating,
  3. Advocating,
  4. Educating,
  5. Writing,
  6. Editing,
  7. Promotion
  8. And it goes on.

Now, that we are done with the foundations of what a blog is, what blogging is and who bloggers are, we can move to the tips.

Basic blogging tips

As I already mentioned there are tons of blogs on the web which are very informative but also very confusing. I have applied those tricks and tips for my blogs but to my regret, most of them have ended up in futility.

But, some of the tips that have been quite helpful for me can be helpful for you as well. You never know unless you try out them yourself.

The following tips and tricks will guide you in creating blogs that are actionable and resonate with your audience. Let’s begin.

First blogging tip: Choose a subject and stick to it.

You will only become consistent if you stick to a specific context. The first tip to successful blogging lies behind choosing a subject in which you have a command.

So, look out for something which you can relate to or something you are interested in.

My niche is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content creation and blogging.

Google won’t even rank my page in the first 10 pages of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) if I switch my niche.

So, we choose a topic and then create our content pillars.

In short:

  1. Choose a subject.
  2. Write content on it (you can also write on relevant topics as well, for example, if you are writing on event management you can also include the significance of sustainability in event management)
  3. Stick to it.

Second blogging tip: Know your audience

You are creating content but for whom? 

Some of the top marketers in the industry prefer knowing your audience even before you select a niche for your blog.

But, I prefer to choose a subject as it redirects you to create content on subjects which you can relate to and have ease in penning your experiences or thoughts down. Consider targeting space enthusiasts as your blog audience while you have chosen marketing as your niche. 

Will it work? A big NO!

In short:

  1. Relevance is important.
  2. Learn about your audience.
  3. Search on what are their pain points.

When I started writing it was quite difficult to know whom should I write for. Yet, I kept exploring. I wrote on the importance of habits, AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard and many more until I found my interest in marketing and more specifically in SEO.

Third blogging tip: Storytelling is the magic

Let’s accept it. We all like to listen to stories. Remember during our childhood days how much we used to love to hear stories before going to bed? Things haven’t changed much at all.

Thus, while creating content you have to present your audience/readers with stories. Most people want to read stuff which is understandable. Recall when was the last time you read the manual of your mobile phone or any other electronic device.

While telling stories ensure that the text is readable, scannable and digestible. This will boost engagement with your posts.

In short:

  • Tell a story.
  • Make sure it’s readable.
  • Use simple terms.

Summary of the blogging tips

So, to hone the art of blogging you need to select a niche, understand for whom you are writing and tell stories. Mastering blogging comes with exceptional writing skills. You also need to be creative. Write like you are speaking to a five-year-old. Think like a teacher. Consider yourself a master in your niche. Above all keep on learning. The more you learn the more you will have context to write on. 

Tips that can be also useful for you, why not check them out?

When you are done with the above tips, you can move on with these to enrich your blogs and rank high on the SERPs.

  • Create compelling headlines.
  • Know your competitors.
  • Invest in SEO.
  • Look out for search intent.
  • Schedule your posts.

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Shahzeb Arshad
Shahzeb Arshad

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