This is how ChatGPT and Bard are changing the SEO game.1 min read

With each passing day, AI is unceasingly evolving. It has just been a year since the launch of ChatGPT, and a series of advancements in the field of AI has been already made.

Innovation giant, Google has also stepped into the stream of AI advancement by launching its own AI model Gemini. Google takes pride in expressing how its Gemini model outranks the GPT model of OpenAI.

With the ongoing clash among the board members of OpenAI which led to Sam Altman leaving the organisation and regaining the position within a few days, there has been a huge controversy in the AI industry regarding its future.

Nevertheless, the applications of AI have been extensive and with the flow of time, new domains are being unearthed every other moment. SEO is at the forefront of AI applications.

SEO marketers and experts are harnessing AI into their arsenal to draw more and more traffic. Whether it is about proofreading a piece of information, enhancing the tone or just researching the topic. AI covers it all

The good part

  • A more enriched form of traffic monitoring.
  • New content ideas without the need for tons of know-how.
  • Analysis of algorithmic changes.

The bad part

  • Kills natural writing through Black Hat SEO.
  • SEO Executive job displacements.
  • Algorithmic bias due to the presence of biased data.

Whether good or bad, the application of AI over SEO seems to be brewing a state of certainty for wordsmiths through enhancing capabilities and competence.

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Shahzeb Arshad
Shahzeb Arshad

Curiosity is my fuel. I have an immense love for technology, which makes me leave no stone unturned behind. Apart from being a blogger and writer, I demystify technical stuff for others clearly and engagingly.


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